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Application Instructions

As you prepare your application materials, follow and pay close attention to the Application Checklist (Step 1 below).  All items must be submitted by the deadlines listed. No application materials or application fees will be returned if an applicant does not match with the USU DI. If you haven't already, we recommend you review the USU DI Admission Requirements,  read the testimonials about What Makes the USU DI Different, and read through the questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page. 


January 3, 2021: 

Pre-Select Applications are due, including DICAS online application and supplemental materials.

The pre-select application process is only available to current Utah State University DPD students or its graduates.

Instructions for pre-select are outlined here: Pre-Select Application Process.

February 15, 2021: 

DICAS online application and supplemental application materials are due for all other applicants.


STEP 5: 

D&D Digital Instructions

Applicants applying through the pre-select process do not need to register for D&D Digital.


The pre-select option is only available to current USU DPD students in their senior year or graduates of the USU DPD. Pre-select applicants will complete the application as outlined in the steps above, except pre-select applicants can skip Step 5: D&D Digital. Applications received in the pre-select process will undergo the same review as applications received during the regular application process and applicants must meet the same minimum admission requirements. The pre-select option offers USU DPD students the opportunity to be selected and notified of their acceptance before the spring computer-matching application process. 

The USU DI will accept up to 20 interns in the pre-select process. The breakdown of those positions is described below: 

  • Up to six (6) pre-select interns will be selected for Utah only internship positions.

    • Training start times and locations can be requested and ranked according to the applicants preference. However, the USU DI Faculty will make final assignments based on facility and preceptor availability.

    • Applicants hoping to train inside of Utah are strongly encouraged to also apply to train as a Utah-Hybrid. This will improve your chances of being accepted in the pre-select process.

  • The remaining pre-select internship positions are for those training outside of Utah or as a Utah-Hybrid.

Please review the Pre-Select Procedure for additional information and guidance as you complete your application. 

Please note that if you are accepted into the USU DI during the pre-select application process, you are NOT eligible to participate in the computer matching process for the spring match. The USU DI will provide the names of all pre-selected interns to D&D Digital Systems, Inc. to ensure that accepted interns do not participate in the computer match. 

USU DI participates in the Assessed Prior Learning (APL) program recognized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). APL is designed to grant internship credit based on the qualified applicant's previous work, volunteering, achievement, or education.

Interns may apply for APL credit after official acceptance into the USU DI (after the matching process is complete). Forms and instructions will be available to interns at that time. 

USU DI Faculty will review all submitted APL forms and determine if any credit will be given. Additional documentation or clarification may be requested. Calls, emails or letters will be sent to contact persons listed on the applicant's documentation for APL.

An intern may receive APL credit for up to 6 weeks of FSSM, up to 5 weeks of Community and up to 2 weeks of Clinical. Total rotation time credited to APL may not exceed 6 weeks.

Interns who receive APL credit will still be registered and receive 26 credit hours. Fees for the internship remain the same. No discount to tuition and fees will be given for time taken off the internship through APL process.

 Please review the Assessed Prior Learning (APL) policy for more details.