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Current Intern Resources

Welcome New Interns!

We're excited to have you in our program and look forward to working with you this next year. There are some important things to do prior to beginning your internship. We've included all the information on this website. Please read through the information in each section thoroughly and work to complete each task in a timely manner (deadlines are specified). Many of the tasks must be completed promptly. Each of the pages in this section is password protected. You will need to enter the password each time you navigate to a new page. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.



USU Library Access

All USU Dietetic Interns have access to the USU Library online. Please utilize the tools and resources available to you.

See the USU Library Guide for access to tools and resources to help you with your assignments. Scroll down the page to the "Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences" link.


Erin Davis--Regional Campus and Distance Education Librarian

Sandra Weingart--Subject Librarian: Nutrition/Dietetics


The short video below will guide you through the USU Library Off-campus Access steps



USU DI Graduation

Interns preparing for graduation, or completion of the internship, will receive an email from their assigned faculty member with instructions. Graduation steps include completing graduation modules, filling out paperwork that will be mailed to the USU DI office, and completing forms on CDR's website, as well as reviewing information for newly credentialed dietitians.

When the USU DI receives the graduation paperwork through the mail the graduation process takes approximately 5-7 days as long as paperwork is completed correctly and graduation steps are completed on time. Contact your assigned faculty with questions. 

RD Exam Preparation

Once you have finished all required hours, assignments, and exams, the USU DI will email you all three passwords for the comprehensive exams. These exams are intended to help you prepare for the RD Exam but should not be your only study materials. Interns are encouraged to choose study materials that present the material in a way that fits their learning style. Interns are also encouraged to use textbooks as reference material in their studying. Most interns find that a medical nutrition therapy text, food service systems management text, community or public health nutrition text, and food science text will be sufficient to review exam content. The USU DI has compiled a list of RD Exam study materials below:

RD Exam Study Materials

CDR RD Exam Study Outline:

CDR Study Guide for the Registration Examination for Dietitians:

AND's eatrightPREP:

  • Provides access to a database of more than 900 in-depth questions covering all domains of the exam.
  • 90 day access
  • AND eatrightPREP

Inman's RD Exam Review:

  • Information and purchasing available on their website:
  • Available as a in-person course or on CD both include a review manual
  • In-depth review of the four domains covered on the RD examination
  • Sample test questions and test taking techniques are included

Review of Dietetics: Manual for the Registered Dietitian Exam, 2020-2021 Edition:  

  • Information and purchasing available on their website: here
  • A comprehensive review that follows the CDR study guide
  • No practice questions

RD In A Flash (RD exam flashcards):

  • Information and purchasing available on their website:
  • Over 630 flashcards that review all domain topics covered in the RD exam

Breeding & Associates:

  • Information and purchasing available on their website:
  • 3-day review workshop (includes guide, flashcards, and online exam)
  • Study guide, online exam and flashcards-cost varies

Visual Veggies Practice Exam Software:

  • Information and purchasing available on their website:
  • Offers practice exams that cover the various domains on the RD exam


  • Information and purchasing available on their website.
  • Offers a comprehensive review, test taking tips, and a practice exam with answers and explanation of correct answers 
  • NOTE: This guide is based on the 2010 exam; it has not been updated to reflect the changes made beginning 2017.

Smart Phone Apps

Available on iOS or Android. Search your preferred app store.

  • Registered Dietitian Prep Test 
  • Dietitian by Ion Citadel
  • Registered Dietitian Exam PocketPrep 
  • Dietitian Exam Flashcards App



State Licensure/Certfication Information

Once you have become a Registered Dietitian, you will need to contact your specific state licensing agency.  To practice as a Registered Dietitian, most states have laws which regulate the practice of dietetics and for most states it is a VIOLATION of state law to practice dietetics without a license. So be sure to take care of this immediately after you become an RD.

Contact your specific state licensing agency to find out how to become licensed in your state. Usually, it's as simple as showing proof that you passed the RD exam, and paying a fee.  You will then need to renew the license every two or so years.  Remember, this is independent of maintaining your national registration (RD) through CDR and your membership in AND.

Go to for a list of states with contact information for their licensing agency.