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Master's Degree

Students in the USU Dietetic Internship can apply for USU’s Master of Dietetics Administration (MDA) degree. Credits earned in the dietetic internship apply toward the requirements for the MDA. Students can apply while they are in the final months of the internship, or up to 6 years after completing the internship. The MDA is completely online and is designed to be completed while working full or part-time as a dietitian in your home location. To find out more about the MDA degree and application process, visit

 Why consider the MDA?

  • You’ve already earned credits in the USU Dietetic Internship that apply to the MDA
  • Increase your knowledge and skills in dietetics practice, management and leadership
  • Increase your job opportunities and pay potential- there is a shortage of dietitians for management positions
  • Dietetics is moving towards master’s level practitioners
  • Build a professional network of dietitians in your MDA cohort

 Program Cost

Graduates of the USU Dietetic Internship complete 18 additional credits to earn the MDA. Classes average around $445 per credit for 2018-2019 tuition (about $8000 total tuition).




  Here is what some MDA graduates have to say about the program: