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New Intern Tasks

The following items need to be completed to prepare for the USU DI. Download a copy of the New Intern Checklist and check items off as you complete them. The checklist outlines the specific due dates for forms and completion of tasks. Please keep in mind that the due date for each item is different; refer back to the checklist often to stay on track. For detailed instructions on how to complete each item, refer to the appropriate tab in the section below the video.




The USU Dietetic Internship is a graduate certificate program administered through the Distance Education Department of Utah State University. To complete this program you must be accepted as a student at Utah State University (even if you were a USU student previously). This process is separate from being accepted into the USU DI; however, because you have been accepted into the internship this is just a formality to get you into the USU system. 

PLEASE complete the Undergraduate Admissions Application within 72 hours of receiving your appointment as a USU Dietetic Intern. 

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.


  • Go to
  • Click on Create Account and complete the form. 
  • In the Academic Information section:
    • Select Summer 2019 as the start date.
    • Select Salt Lake as the location. 
    • Select Graduate Student.
  • Select Create Account.
  • After you create your account select: 2. Start Your Application
  • Select New Graduate Application
    • DO NOT select New Undergraduate Degree or Non-Degree Seeking
  • Fill out the application completely.
  • In the Course of Study section:
    • Select Summer 2019 as the Anticipated Entry Term
    • Graduate Student as the Admit Type
    • Dietetic Internship Certificate as the Academic Program. 
    • Graduate as the Degree Type.
    • Salt Lake as the location
    • Save and Continue
    • Sign and Certify
    • Summary of Charge
      • Promo Code: DTCS2019
  • Payment: In order to submit the online application, a $25 application fee payment must be made by credit card.
  • Once officially admitted to USU, watch for an official acceptance email along with a letter in the mail. It will be sent to the email and mailing address that you entered in the application.

 Questions or problems? Contact USU Admissions: Joan Rudd at 435-797-1187 or

Watch this short video for an overview of affiliation agreements & student documents:

You can track which documents have been received by the USU DI using the Student Document Tracking Sheet 2019.

There is nothing to submit or turn in for this task, but we do expect you to know and use the information discussed in the video. 

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.

CastleBranch is a compliance tracking company that works with the USU Dietetic Internship to track background checks, immunizations and drug screens.

Background Checks

As a protection to you (the intern), the USU Dietetic Internship, and to your future training facilities, the USU DI requires all interns to complete a criminal background check prior to starting any part of the internship. This is NOT optional. Because these background checks can take several weeks to months, you need to order this immediately.

This background check will be sufficient for most facilities. However, there is a chance you may be asked to complete an additional background check depending on your facilities' requirements and contracts. If this is the case, USU DI or the facility will communicate this to you.

Compliance Tracker

All immunizations will be submitted through CastleBranch and will be monitored through their company to make sure they are completed correctly. This is NOT optional. See Immunization tab for further instructions on which immunizations are required for the USU DI.

Please follow the instructions below:


  • Click Place Order at the top of the right hand side
  • Enter Package Code: UT20bgim and click Submit
  • A list of the package services is included, read terms and conditions and click Submit 
  • Fill out proceeding pages to compete order
    • Cost is $60 (credit or debit card recommended)
  • Questions? Contact your assigned DI Faculty or CastleBranch

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and deadlines and due dates.

Your immunization records need to be up-to-date to meet the requirements of the USU DI and clinical and public health facilities. 

ALL interns must submit proof of immunization for the REQUIRED vaccinations by the deadline noted on the New Intern Checklist. Many interns, due to facility requirements, will also need to complete the RECOMMENDED vaccinations listed. If your facility requires additional vaccinations, the USU DI will inform you of the requirements.

Failure to complete the immunizations by the deadline will result in delay of rotations or potential dismissal from the USU DI.

START NOW! Some immunizations require more than one visit to complete.

Download the Immunization List document which includes directions on how to complete this task.

Watch the video below for clarification and details on required immunizations:


  • Obtain documentation for immunization records.
  • Submit to CastleBranch via your account.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.

The USU Dietetic Internship Program offers ten (10) $2,000 scholarship awards. Application for a scholarship is optional. You do not have to apply.

The Professional Advancement Scholarship is intended to assist USU Dietetic Internship students financially in finishing their supervised practice. USU DI supports the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' mission to increase ethnic/gender diversity within the profession. Five of the ten awards will be given to those who fall within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' underrepresented groups. The remaining five awards will not be weighted in the diversity area. All ten awards will be based on leadership and financial need. Applications are reviewed by USU faculty in the Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science Department. 

Click here for the Scholarship Application and guidelines.

Submit applications via email to

  • File Name: First Name, Last Name.Scholarship Application
  • Subject: First Name, Last Name.Scholarship Application
  • Please send all forms in ONE email.
    • You will need to scan the application and questionnaire and save as a PDF. 
    • Your essay can be in Word or a PDF format.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also offers scholarships and grants for those seeking financial assistance. More information can be found here.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.

Help us get to know you! Please complete the Getting to Know You questionnaire and send us the completed document and two pictures of yourself. These pictures will be included in a slideshow presented at Orientation. 

  • Getting to Know You questionnaire (Word)
    • File Name:  Last Name, First Name GTKY (example: smithjaneGTKY.pdf)
  • TWO pictures of you 
    • One portrait-like picture of yourself so we can recognize you when we see you!
    • One picture of you doing something you love.
    • Please make sure that we can tell it is you in the picture and that it is appropriate to share with others.
    • File Name: Last Name, First Name picture (example: smithjanepicture.jpeg)

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.

Throughout your internship, you will be accessing several different Academy resources and programs. Many of these are only available to Academy members; therefore, a student membership to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is required for all USU Dietetic Interns. You will need access to Academy resources to complete some Pre-Orientation assignments. 

Price: $64.00

Why: Membership will provide you access to many of the programs and information that you will need during your internship. Such as:

  • Journal of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Food & Nutrition Magazine
  • Evidence Analysis Library (free access)
  • eNCPT ($25 discounted rate)
  • ANDHII (free access)
  • Nutrition Focused Physical Exam and Pocket Guide ($10 discounted rate)

TO JOIN go the Academy Student Membership page at


  • Once you are a member, submit proof of membership:
    • Your Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership card OR
    • A receipt of purchase with your name and ID number included
  • Submit to the USU DI via email (scan in copies and email)
    • File Name: First Name, Last Name.Academy Membership
    • Email:
    • Subject: First Name, Last Name.Academy Membership

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.

Most of the books that you will need during your internship you may already own from your classes in your DPD program. We try not to make you buy new or different books if possible; however, there are a couple that are required. Please review the Required and Suggested Internship Textbook List and make arrangements to obtain a copy of the required books.

You will need access to the eNCPT for some Pre-Orientation Assignments. Subscribe immediately!

  • $25 per year for AND student members
  • Click here to subscribe.

All other textbooks should be acquired PRIOR to starting internship rotations.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.

♦♦♦Please note the USU DI address has been updated♦♦♦

At this time you are only conditionally accepted as a dietetic intern. To be officially accepted into the internship you must submit the following before you may start your internship rotations:

  • Official Final Transcript with the grades from your final semester and the degree posted (we need copies of all your transcripts that contain DPD, undergraduate, or graduate coursework)
    • The transcripts you sent into DICAS are digital copies. We are required to have hard copies of all transcripts in our files, even though you sent them into DICAS.
    • We need an official copy of every transcript that has any classes pertaining to your degree and your DPD courses. If you did some of your generals at three different community colleges or at a junior college, you need to send the USU DI official transcripts from each school. If you had to retake a couse (either a general class or DPD class) and you did it at a different college, you also need to send that transcript.
    • Ask the college to send the transcript directly to us. If you pick up the transcripts and send them to us yourself, be sure they are in a sealed envelope showing they are official. They may also be official electronic transcripts.
    • Official transcripts, with the degree posted, must be received before you can start rotations. No exceptions.
  • DPD Verification Statement signed by your DPD Director.
    • We must have an original copy in our files
    • Your DPD Director will provide these, once you have a copy you will need to mail an original copy to the USU Salt Lake Center.
    • We must have this on file before you can start rotations. 

For those of you who have not completed your degree or DPD courses yet, you will need to wait to send us an official transcript until after you have finished your classes. Your official transcript MUST have your degree posted to it before your send it to the USU DI. It may take up to 4 weeks after graduation to actually appear on your transcript. Before you order your transcripts, call the registrar at your school and ask if the degree has been posted to your transcript. 

The last requirement to be officially accepted into the internship is the expectation that you will continue to meet the minimum selection criteria for the USU DI. Specifically, you will maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in your DPD courses with no Ds or Fs in your last semester of academic work. If for any reason you fall below the minimum selection criteria for the internship, you will be dismissed from the USU DI.

Mail the appropriate documents to the Dietetic Internship Faculty at the USU Salt Lake Center.

You DO NOT need to send an official transcript to USU Admissions. Only the USU DI needs them.

These documents are kept in your official file. Once we have received these documents, you will receive a letter officially accepting you to the internship.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates. You WILL NOT be allowed to start internship rotations until these documents are in your file. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The USU Internship tuition (minus the Orientation tuition fee) is paid based on the two semesters in which you are enrolled. As an intern, you are enrolled in “open-learning” semesters which allow your start date to be more flexible than the traditional semester. However, tuition is due by the traditional semester tuition deadline

If tuition is not paid, interns will be dropped from courses and will not be allowed to attend rotations.

Tuition not paid by the tuition payment deadline is subject to an additional late fee penalty of $100 per course, and balances are subject to interest charges as well. Any fees incurred by late payment will be paid by intern. The Orientation tuition/fee must be paid prior to or on the first day of Orientation. It is best if you pay this tuition before you arrive for Orientation. 

Please note you will not be able to pay any tuition until you are registered for courses. We (USU DI) will register you for your classes (after receiving your Master Rotation Schedule) and let you know when you can begin paying.  


  • Dietetic Internship Orientation$413 (1 credit)
    • Payment is due on Sunday, June 3, 2018 prior to Orientation Week. 
    • We will register you for the Internship Orientation Class (1 credit) and you can pay the Orientation fee after May 13, 2018.
  • General Tuition- $10,325 ($413/credit x 25 credits) 
    • We register you based on your Master Rotation Schedule (instructions in next section). You will be registered for at least 13 credits your first semester and possibly more depending on what rotations you are scheduled for. You'll be registered for your remaining credits your second semester. Your assigned DI Faculty member will go over your schedule at Orientation.
    • Tuition must be paid prior to each of the semesters you are registered for according to USU tuition payment deadlines. You'll be able to pay once we are able to register you (i.e. registration for that semester is open and we have your Master Rotation Schedule). 
    • Payment options listed below.


  • Web Check (Preferred): Online payment with a check. You will need your financial institution's routing number and your account number.  There is no additional service charge.
  • Personal Check: Write personal checks to Utah State University; include your "A" number on the check. Mail or deliver checks to the USU Salt Lake Center. Do not post-date checks. 
  • Cash Payment: Make payments in person at the USU Salt Lake Center. Must be exact amount. 
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment: USU accepts MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. There is a 2.85% convenience fee for credit card transactions. This option is only available online.
  • For refund information see the Tuition and Fees policy.


Utah State University uses the TouchNet System to accept online payments. You will use your Banner login and password to access this system. A link to the TouchNet System can be found on the USU Tuition and Payment Overview page. 


To receive Federal Financial Aid read through the information provided by the USU Financial Aid Office. Please read through the information before asking questions. They have provided step-by-step instructions on how to complete the FAFSA application online. Follow their instructions. Contact the USU Financial Aid Office if you have questions or need more information. 

A few unique things to know about financial aid because you are a USU dietetic intern:

  • You will not register yourself for classes. The USU DI will register you for classes based on your master rotation schedule. However, you are still responsible for ensuring that your financial aid has been applied to your tuition. 
  • You are only eligible for loans. You are not eligible for grants because you have already completed a baccalaureate degree.
  • Depending on your master rotation schedule your registration may fall in different fiscal years. Summer semester is covered by the current fiscal year. Fall and Spring semesters are covered by the next fiscal year. 


Payment plans allow students to defer a portion of their tuition into installments.The number of installments (payments) varies by semester. A $50 fee is required at enrollment, plus any payments that are due at the time of sign up. There is a $20 late fee each month for missed payments. Because you are registered for two semesters you have to enroll for each semester you choose to use a payment plan. We've provided some information here for you:

  • Summer 2018: Payment plans are not available to USU DI interns this semester.
  • Fall 2018: Payment plans start in May regardless of when you are registered for courses. If you enroll in a payment plan after May, you will have to pay the tuition installment for the current month, as well as any tuition installment payments that were due before you enrolled in the payment plan. 
  • Spring 2019: Payment plans start in November regardless of when you are registered for courses. If you enroll in a payment plan after November, you will have to pay the tuition installment for the current month, as well as any tuition installment payments that were due before you enrolled in the payment plan. 
  • Summer 2019: Payment plans start in April regardless of when you are registered for courses. If you enroll in a payment plan after April, you will have to pay the tuition installment for the current month, as well as any tuition installment payments that were due before you enrolled in the payment plan. 

Note: Before you can sign up for a payment plan, we must have your Master Rotation Schedule and have you registered for courses. For further information and to sign up go to the USU Tuition and Payment Overview page.



  • Orientation Week Tuition ($413): Pay by the first day of Orientation Week.
  • Internship General Tuition ($10,325): Must be paid or financial aid in place by the tuition payment deadline of each semester you are enrolled in rotations.

If you are training outside of Utah or as a Utah-Hybrid intern, use the links below to complete your Master Rotation Schedule. Watch the video and look over the example before starting on your own schedule (links below). You will also need to consult the Scheduling, Vacation & Holidays, and Program Calendar policy for guidelines. Negotiate with your preceptors when to complete each rotation. Make sure you are in the facilities when it is most convenient for them. 

There is no set order in which you have to do your rotations; however, it is best to do a full component (clinical, community, or FSSM) at one time rather than mixing them up. You will have time with your assigned USU DI faculty member during Orientation to discuss your schedule. Remember, you may start in any rotation and complete the rotations in any order.

Submit your master rotation schedule by the deadline specified on the New Intern Checklist or earlier. The sooner we have your schedule the better, especially if you are hoping to start in June or July. We are unable to register you for classes until we have your schedule.

Please notify your DI faculty member of any personal vacations you have planned for before, during, or immediately following the internship. 

If you are planning on using financial aid, that can not be processed until we have your schedule.


Watch the Master Rotation Schedule Tutorial to learn how to fill out the schedule correctly. The video will walk you through the process with step-by-step instructions.

Send a copy of your Master Rotation Schedule as an Excel file to your assigned USU DI faculty member.

Interns Training in Utah: Your Master Rotation Schedule will be finalized by your assigned USU DI faculty member and sent to you prior to Orientation. You will have time with your USU DI faculty member during Orientation to discuss your schedule.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates. 

The USU DI participates in the Prior Assessed Learning (PAL) program recognized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). PAL is designed to grant internship credit based on the qualified applicant's previous work, volunteer, achievement, or education. 

USU DI Faculty will review all submitted PAL forms and determine if any credit will be given. Additional documentation or clarification may be requested. Calls, emails or letters will be sent to contact persons listed on the applicant's documentation for PAL.

An intern may receive PAL credit for up to 6 weeks of FSSM, up to 5 weeks of Community, and up to 2 weeks of Clinical. Total rotation time credited to PAL may not exceed 6 weeks. 

Interns who receive PAL credit will still be registered and received 26 credit hours. Fees for the internship remain the same. No discount to tuition and fees will be given for PAL credit received or time off awarded through PAL process. 

Please review the Prior Assessed Learning (PAL) policy for more details. 


PAL Application Directions/Checklist

Rotation Curriculum

Clinical Rotation Learning Activities

Community Nutrition Rotation Learning Activities

FSSM and SNE Rotation Learning Activities

Submit completed PAL applications and material via email to your assigned USU DI faculty member. 

 File Name: first name, last name.PAL Application
Subject: first name, last name.PAL Application

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates. 

The USU Dietetic Internship is a distance internship regardless of where you train. As such, the USU Dietetic Internship uses technology to support and simplify the internship process as much as possible. To help with this, you will need to obtain or have access to the following technology, equipment, and/or software:

  • Internet
    • You will access the Internet daily--it is best if you have access at your place of residence while in the internship.
  • Scanner 
    • All interns must have WEEKLY access to a scanner. This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement for all interns.
    • The scanner must be capable of scanning and saving documents as PDFs.
      • All assignments, worksheets, and evaluations will be turned in through Canvas (our online classroom); therefore, you will need to scan in documents and save them as PDFs, and upload them into Canvas for submission.
    • A document feeder (on the scanner) is recommended as you will be scanning multiple documents at once. However, you can merge single files together before uploading to Canvas.
  • Microsoft Office Programs
    • Many of our documents and forms are in a Microsoft Office format. So regardless of the type of computer you have (PC or MAC), you will need to have the Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) or equivalent. There is a student version that can be purchased through Microsoft once you are officially a USU student. Click here for discount access.
    • Microsoft Office online readers or converters do not keep the formatting of our documents and therefore cannot be a substitute for having the actual program.
  • Computer Microphone
    • Any microphone can work. However, we highly recommend that you use a headset microphone. The sound and consistency is much better than those microphones that are built into the computer or a monitor microphone. Using a headset microphone also helps to cancel out background noise.  You will be using your microphone to participate in live classes and to communicate with the USU DI Faculty.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates. 

The USU Dietetic Internship provides each intern with General and Professional Liability Insurance; however, you are responsible for medical and car insurance.

Health Insurance:

Many clinical sites require that you provide documentation of health insurance coverage during your rotation. The USU DI recommends that each intern obtain or maintain health insurance during the internship. Each intern will need to ensure that they are in compliance with their contract requirements. If you do not have another source of medical insurance, the following are possible options:

    • Short term insurance
    • Quick, effective the next day.
    • Directs you to options for your state of residence
    • Apply early, may have lengthy application process, subject to enrollment periods.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates. 

Most school districts and clinical facilities will require that you have a current food handler permit. Some facilities will accept a ServSafe Certification in place of the food handler permit.

You need to communicate with your facilities to find out what they require.  For most states you can do an online food handler training course to obtain your permit.  Go to and look under your state and the specific county health department.

Be aware that ServSafe Certification requirements vary by state. Go to to see how long ServSafe Certification is good for in your area and if there are any other specific requirements.

Refer to the New Intern Checklist for deadlines and due dates.